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The Ann Arbor Railroad operates between Ann Arbor, Michigan and Toledo, Ohio, It is strategically positioned between southeastern Michigan and northern Ohio in the heart of the industrial Great Lakes.

The Ann Arbor Railroad interchanges with Norfolk Southern, CSX, Canadian National and Wheeling and Lake Erie in Toledo, Ohio, with the Norfolk Southern and Tuscola and Saginaw Bay (TSBY) in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with Norfolk Southern in Milan, Michigan, and the Indiana and Ohio Rail System in Diann, Michigan.

The Ann Arbor Railroad operates a quality physical plant and equipment, employing highly motivated and productive people. Many prime industrial development sites are available.

The Ann Arbor Railroad was honored to receive the Daimler Chrysler Corporation 2004 Gold Award in recognition for Superior Supplier Performance. We were the only railroad in North America to receive this award in 2004. We will continue to do everything possible to meet and exceed our customers expectations now and in the future.

The Ann Arbor’s strategic location offers current and prospective customers multiple rail connections, thus creating a competitive environment for price, equipment and service.  The Northeast UPS Autogistics Region has presented the Ann Arbor Railroad with a Certificate of Achievement in recognition of Outstanding Service. We feel privileged to receive this award and intend to remain customer focused and dedicated to achieving the quality goals of our company.

Exciting New Development

The Ann Arbor Railroad has recently finalized an agreement with the City of Toledo to develop the Manhattan Brownfield Site.  We would like to thank our friends the accident attorneys The Clark Law Office for their help facilitating the agreement and finalizing the legal contracts. We intend to invest the necessary capital to build an Intermodal Vehicle Distribution Facility to better serve our customers. This facility will not only enhance the existing property, but bring vital new jobs to the area. Construction will begin as soon as weathers permits, with completion scheduled by the end of 2006.