Crucial Tips On Trending House Exterior Paint Colors

While bold exterior paint colors are frequently enjoyable and robust, they typically just exist as patterns and tend to head out of design as rapidly as they entered into the design. If you feel like you have to alter your paint color to keep up with the pattern, this opens up the capacity for a lot of remorse.

This one heads out to the traditionalists or a minimum of the ones who do not wish to be sorry for the color option they select for the exterior of their house.

Usually, this color looks most excellent on wood; however, you can likewise pull it off with a brick exterior. That’s simply how versatile this color is!

Light Grey

In the exact same vein, Ann Arbor painters recommends a light grey that is neutral and that will continually be around. Light grey will provide your house a streamlined and tidy look from the curb, specifically if you combine it with white trim. Much like the remainder of the colors, a light grey is likewise a terrific exterior paint color option since it will not encounter your roofing color– that is if you have standard shingles.

Pale Pink

Like light yellow, pale pink is an enjoyable method to enliven a neutral feel. As a welcoming, this color is lively, soft, and tranquil, and would suit a house that embodies those qualities well. We individually believe that pale pink would look terrific in Colorado throughout the summer season!

Brick Red

Something about that brick red color merely is pleasant, and lots of property owners are painting their wood houses this red brick color. We can ensure you that as long as brick is still being utilized to build homes, this color will be around.


Where red exterior paint most likely comes from brick, white outdoor color most likely comes from the earliest white cleaned wood houses. White looks excellent on homes for many factors. Whether your white home is blanketed in snow, or basking in a warm summertime day, it’s going to look terrific!

How to know which color is trending?

One thing to ask yourself prior to embracing a fashionable paint color is if you’d be okay costs loan to alter your paint once it goes out of design. If you can’t see a paint color staying popular for over five years, it’s most likely a pattern!

Usually, eccentric or persuasive colors exist as patterns rather than staples. If you self-identify as wacky or stiff, then a paint color pattern may be for you! It’s typically safe to state a paint color will be a pattern if you would explain it as wacky or vibrant.

Inspect the Trends!

You believe a paint color may be trending; however, you’re not sure. You can make a quite high bet that if the blog writers are blogging about a paint color, it’s most likely trending, as blog writers actually are leading the patterns in house decoration these days.

Play it Safe with Trends

Often it’s safe to be a little dangerous with a trending paint color option, like little interior information. Possibly reconsider prior to beginning a big exterior house painting job with a color that may just matter for a couple of years. At least, make sure you’re devoted to your choice!

When Is The Very Best Time To Paint The Exterior Of Your House?

While it’s apparent that you do not desire to paint your home while it’s drizzling exterior, you likewise do not wish to paint when the temperature level exterior is hot or incredibly cold. Severe temperature levels can trigger paint to dry unevenly, lead to clumps, or expose brush strokes in the color while it’s drying.

Since it isn’t a direct type of wetness like rain or snow, humidity is an essential wetness element to think about and frequently gets forgotten. Your home might look totally dry from the curb, however permeable products like wood and mortar may be wet since of humidity. Whenever you paint, you’ll desire a dry and warm day and to make sure that all of the surface areas you’re going to paint are dry.

Know Your Windows

Typically, high windows for painting are early summertime months and first fall months due to the fact that of very little rain and temperature level variations.

You’ll require to guarantee that the days leading up to and after painting are dry so that your home can dry out, and so that your paint does not get drizzled on while it’s drying. You’ll likewise desire to examine the weather condition for the nights in your painting window. In some cases, individuals forget that paint is still passing away at night!


Various types of paint, guide, and surface can impact when you need to paint your home– and there are A LOT of paint choices out there. From choosing what type of paint is best for your house to settle on the best time to start painting, our expert painters desire to assist!

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