Train accidents are a common occurrence all over the globe and claim many lives each time. Such accidents are usually either the result of mechanical faults or tiny human errors that end up causing a huge number of problems that kill people.  With the large amount trains in the Ann Arbor area, accidents are more common than most think.  If you are a loved one has been injured in a train accident, please call one of our top rated accident attorneys in Ann Arbor to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve.

Negligence is often the root of many problems and is hence a major reason for the occurrence of train accidents as well.  Such negligence can happen because of anyone, be it the railway itself, the drivers, the railroad employees, the government agency and more. A tiny error on the part of any of these people can send a whole train astray and kill everyone on it. Examples of such negligence include failure of signal lights, faulty operations of a crossing arm etc. Use of outdated technology is a huge reason for all these problems.

As mentioned above, human errors also greatly contribute to huge train accidents. Poor judgement on the part of the conductor, driver or anyone else involved compared with impaired reactions have led to many great disasters that have killed all on board.


Despite best efforts to keep the engines and the train at large well maintained, there are chances for the occurrence of mechanical failures and no matter how slim it is, it can quickly lead to trains derailing or colliding with something, harming its passengers. Thus, it is very important for railway employees to do regular checks on the train parts and infrastructure to ensure that nothing goes astray while the train is on its way.


4: HIGH SPEEDS: Another obvious cause of train accidents is high speeds. Derailments and collisions are much more likely if the train is travelling at a faster speed than necessary. There can be many reasons for this, be it intoxication, fatigue etc. on part of the driver or just mere recklessness.

There are often situations wherein an irresponsible pedestrian or two strays a little too close to the tracks and can cause the train to derail off the tracks and harm both the careless pedestrian and everyone inside the train as well. It is important that people know to stay far away from the tracks should a train be approaching. Young kids especially must be kept at a safe distance.

6: OBSTRUCTION ON THE TRACKS: In some cases, some objects like vehicles, spare equipment or other foreign objects can accidentally be left in the path of the train thus interfering with its passing and causing it to be derailed. This too can hence, cause a train accident and kill people on board.